Depilating The Pubis Increases The Risk Of Spreading Diseases

Depilating the pubis is an increasingly widespread practice, and not just among women. But now, research by members of the San Francisco General Hospital in California has revealed that it could be linked to an increased risk of transmission of certain diseases.


According to this study, people of both sexes who completely depilate pubic hair an average of eleven times or more a year were three to four times more likely to get herpes, human papilloma virus, and other Sexual transmission that are acquired through contact through the skin. On the contrary, pubic hair removal represented a noticeable decrease in the risk of becoming infected with pijos, crabs or other types of genital parasites.

The authors of the study clarify that it is only an observational investigation, so it is not possible to draw a conclusion of cause and effect. That is, depilate per se, does not involve contracting diseases. But if it follows that there is some kind of relationship. The cause?

Researchers believe that people who depilate that part of their anatomy often have more promiscuous sexual lives and, in some cases, risky practices, which increases the chances of infection



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