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10 Advantages Of Being Unemployed

Looking for a job and not getting it is a difficult situation; however, taking it with a good attitude, it can be an excellent opportunity to develop yourself personally.

We present some tips to get the best out of this situation.

To take advantage of free time:


This may seem counterproductive when you think you should invest as much time as possible in getting a job, but, when will you have so much time to sleep the hours you need?

In addition, sleeping well will give you the energy you need to make the most of the hours you are awake.

 2.Get up to date with your activities

Do you feel that you are always behind your friends in your favorite series? Do you have a book you want to read for months but have not found time? This may be your chance to do what you both wanted and could not do.

3.Break the routine

According to Anne Kreamer, author of It’s Always Personal: Navigating Emotion in the New Workplace, being unemployed can be a frightening experience for anyone, so it recommends living new experiences that put you in touch with different social groups.

Volunteering in an animal shelter or going to interesting talks can be a good option. Although what you do is not directly related to getting a job, the experience can help you develop interpersonal skills, open your mind and, perhaps, lead you to consider different professional options.

Prepare To get a new job:

4.Set priorities

Take time to reflect on what your ideal job would be and what motivates you to do it. Do you want to earn money? Would you like to learn something new? Having your clear objectives will help you when you want to impress in a future job interview.

5.Practice networking

Networking can be uncomfortable for many, but it is essential to get the job of your dreams. Kramer recommends overcoming the initial fear of “annoying” people, and instead having a kind but assertive attitude.

Instead of saying “Could we meet at some point?”, You can say, “Do you have 15 minutes to meet on Thursday afternoon?”; being concrete will require the other person to respond in the same way.

 Another option may be to use LinkedIn to contact people who work in the place you would like and ask them about the daily routine or type of work. These contacts can become allies to reach the right person.

6.Learn to sell yourself

Each industry is different, so you must present yourself in an appropriate way to the area in which you want to play. Be concise and concrete in your curriculum vitae and avoid cliché concepts such as “Efficient” and “Organized”.

 It is advisable, on the other hand, that you find out the specific language of the medium to create empathy with the reculcutors.

To keep you happy:

7. Know yourself

In the middle of the routine it is sometimes difficult to make time to think about where in our life we ​​are and where we would like to go.

You can take advantage of being unemployed to reflect on these issues and rediscover what you are passionate about.

8.Reduces stress

Do activities that reduce anxiety. Exercising can be a good option. You can also dabble in meditation.

9. Disconnect

Leave your phone at home and get rid of Facebook and Twitter for a while. In addition to personally benefiting you will decrease your telephone bill.

10.Leave the alcohol

While this is not a very popular solution for many, several experts agree that, considering that alcohol is a depressant, stop taking it is a good alternative to lift your spirits and keep your energy levels high.

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