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10 Appalling Facts To Know About April’s Fools Day

Although April’s Fools Day is not a national holiday across the whole world, it is one of the most celebrated light-hearted days of the old and recent centuries.

The earliest recorded event of this dupe’s day was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury in 1932.


Nonetheless historians believe the day began in France, no one is entirely sure about this allegations. One belief is that it began with a calendar change in the 16th Century when Pope George XIII adopted the Gregorian Calendar and New Year’s day was moved from April 1 to January 1.

  1. The ancient romans had a day of jokes called the Festival of Hilaria aka Romans Laughing Day held to celebrate the equinox and honor the Anatolian Earth Goddess.
  2. A Flemish April Fools day has kids locking their parents or teachers from their homes or classes and only letting them out when they promise a treat.
  3. Google once launched an app that could attach itself to customers ATMs and reward their customers according to how broke they were. The customers only needed to check a list of what they had run shot of.
  4. In 1st April 2004 google launched Gmail Services and customers only thought that it was another big prank. Google later enjoyed the much needed publicity of the item.
  5. Twitter in 2013 announced that it was going to charge any user who was going to tweet with vowels an extra of $5 prohibiting those who can’t pay to only tweet in consonants. A total hoax.
  6. Many advertising and marketing companies consider this day as unsuitable day to launch an item or any product of a company
  7. In 2009, Expedia offered free tour services to visit Mars.
  8. In 1980 Britain, a fools day prank on technology has been a reality of today’s technology, a Radio program claimed that there was a newly released microchip that could hold thousands of songs.
  9. April 1 1945 a powerful tsunami killed many people on a pacific island who had ignored the threat as a mere hoax
  10. Iranians have their version of the day known as Sizdah Be-dar
  11. In Australia the prank is not supposed to go passed noon.

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