10 Barack Obama’s Stunning Lookalikes

One strange thing that Barack Obama’s look-alike faces is that they all hated their faces because they had ‘big and awkward’ ears while they were still young.

President Barack Obama is photographed during a presidential portrait sitting for an official photo in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

But not known to them, this would turn to their treasure and fame from the moment Barack Obama became USA’s 44th President in 2009.

Below are some of the lucky men who bear striking resemblance to Barack Obama

1. Ilham Anas – Indonesia (Photographer)

** MANDATORY BYLINE ** PIC FROM WOWZETO / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Ilham Anas as Obama) – Unassuming Ilham Anas has crafted a living doubling as Barack Obamas doppelganger. The 40-year-old Indonesians resemblance is so uncanny he is regularly stopped at airports by passing admirers who mistake him for the President of the United States. His new found fame has seen him travel around the world to play the part of Obama – and helped pay for a new car and home, that he shares with his wife and two children. SEE CATERS COPY.

Anas is a professional photographer from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Obama lived with his stepfather in Indonesia for about 4 years, while he was still very young.

Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas looks on during the “Bukan Empat Mata” TV show organized by Trans 7 channel in Jakarta on January 20, 2009. With his toothy smile, oversized ears and cropped black hair, Indonesian Ilham Anas is cashing in as a lookalike of US President-elect Barack Obama. The photographer is already a celebrity in Obama’s former hometown of Jakarta but his fame looks set to reach new heights abroad after the first black US president is inaugurated later on January 20. AFP PHOTO/Adek BERRY (Photo credit should read ADEK BERRY/AFP via Getty Images)

Anas life changed when Obama assumed the throne, he became a public fugure, a TV cast and a model for adverts

As of 2019, Anas was aged 45 years while Obama was at 58 years old

Anas also plays as ‘Being Barack Obama’

2.Xiao Jiguo – China (Security Guard)

When Obama became the most powerful President in 2009, Xiao’s status also changed from a security guard to a popular actor in China

The migrant’s life born in a humble background changed so much, and became an internet sensation in Chinese cities

Xiao would start learning English and mimic Barack Obama’s style of dress, fashion and even pronunciation.

Once someone who had a dream of making it to the entertainment industry, found the easiest way to do it than his peers

3. Reggie” Brown – USA (Blogger)

Reggie Brown, another Barack Obama’s double, comes from the same country and state with Obama.

Aka Reginald Dennis Odell II, he is aged 39 years as of 2019 and was born in Chicago, Illinois

Another striking similarity to Obama with Brown is that both are racial kids born with a white mother and a black father

Brown saw an early opportunity to play Obama at the age of just 21 years only when Obama was an an Illinois state legislator.

Before Obama rose to the helm of power, Brown worked as an actor, model, blogger, reporter and also as an impersonator

4. Jose Oliveira – Cape Verde (Tour Guide)

Jose Oliveira aged 45 years in 2019, is a father of five kids from Africa.

But his sense of similarities with Barack Obama is not something one would easily ignore

Unlike the rest of the lookalikes, Jose says that Barack Obama looks like him.

He has never thought a career on impersonating Obama, nor acting, but he believes that if the opportunity comes, he would give a try.

Jose has never been interested in living or dressing like the former US President Obama.

5. Louis Ortiz – USA (Technician)

Louis Ortiz plays a Barack Obama look-alike in ‘Bronx Obama.’

He initially worked as a Technician before discovering he had same looks with his role model

6.Joko Widodo- Indonesia (President)

Probably you never thought that another President on earth would look like Ex President Barack Obama.

You are wrong.

Indonesia has produced another Obama lookalike.

President Widodo is thought to be simple, down to earth just like Obama

7. Michael Bryant – USA (Actor)

8.Ryan Skeggs – USA (Actor )

9.Suphoj Bunseupwong, Thailand (Businessman)


Of all the Obama lookalikes, this one seems very unique.

This man claims that he looks Obama according to his computer illustrations and electronic face recognition utilities.

He went viral to with his claims using the website https://ilooklikebarackobama.com, just to illustrate his point in 2008 ahead of Obama’s win.

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