10 Most Beautiful Women In Kenya Who Came To Fame In 2017

In 2017, we have seen another window of opportunity open for the following 10 cute ladies to fame. However we are not closing down to only these ladies.

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Even though some of the ladies could have been in fame, 2017 has been so far their year despite their year being on its halfway.

It is very safe to say that 2017 gave us the following cute lasses, from politics, TV, Music, religion and social media.


1.Anne Kiguta

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After coming in to step in Janet Mbugua’s big shoes, She has won the heart of many fans and her sense of fashion and beauty has stolen the hearts of many of her fans in the same measure.


2.Saadaf Deen

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Having been the first and the youngest aspirant in this year’s elections, Sadaaf Deen remains in ou mouths despite losing her seat.

She was tender, cute and just courageous.

3.Saumu Mbuvi

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Having shone into light from her dads arm of fame, the daughter to Mike Sonko has been the talk of the town since she separated with her hubby Ben. But we like her well composure of love and cuteness.

4.Karen Nyamu

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Former Nairobi women rep aspirant who lost to Rachel Shebesh, Karen photos have flown from each corner of the internet, all talking about her slaying body and cute face.

5.Muhoho girlfriend

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The girlfriend to the son of the president was in the last for the good reason of being love. She surely deserved to be a prince in the statehouse

The girlfriend to Muhoho Kenyatta

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