Top 10, 2017 Celebs With Most Followers On Twitter- Part 1

Twitter is the simplest social media platform after Facebook and WhatsApp, yet it is so powerful than the two accounts which command hordes of followers.

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If you got about 20K twitter followers, you are actually a big opinion maker on Twitter. And you command several hashtags, which makes your influence go high, something that moves from Twitter to the actual houses and offices.

Have a look at the following top 10 personal accounts, which command the highest following in 2017

1.Uhuru Kenyatta. 2.2M

Since he was elected as Kenya’s 4th president, he has gained a lot of popularity, with his reach spanning beyond 2.2 million followers.

He is the most followed Kenyan both internationally and locally.

2.William Ruto 1.25M

Deputy President has been the talk of the town on Twitter, unfortunately on the wrong side on many occasions. However he has managed to harness a huge crowd to his owned account

3.Cyprian Nyakundi 1.19

Termed as guns for hire on social media, Twitter has been an office for this lad, talk of digital marketing, and digital sabotage, he knows how to fish for a living from Twitter.

The only disadvantage with huge fellowship, he can use it to make you and then use it to break you at the same time

4.Raila Odinga 1.12M

Lauded as Kenya’s top opposition leader, Raila has a big command on social media, and commands the biggest fellowship too.

Mr. Odinga account is largely managed by his PR managers

5.Xtian Dela 1.06M

The man who came to light on his own, he is arguably one of the lone ranger on Twitter, he has been voted on several occasions as one of the best and most influential twitter personality.

Dela has a hashtag #Gainwithxtiandela which helps him with other tweeps to gain more followers


6.Larry Madowo 1.o4 M

A digital and technologist journalist on NTV, Larry has sought fame and popularity from his big time show, The Trend which focuses on weekly light moment occurrences from the top news. Even though he has bowed out of the show, he still remains popular even on his own.

7.Jeff Koinage 1.03M

He has gained a lot of popularity from his famous show dubbed JKL, which used to be featured every 2 days of the week.

JKL is the most watched political debate in Kenya, despite having been cut off from KTN, fans however followed him up to Citizen TV

8.Robert Alai 733K

His taste of twitter is sweeter and bitter just like Nyakundi. Firms and persons have accused them of funds soliciting, and sabotaging people after being paid.

This has dwindled their trust amongst their followers

9.Lupita Nyong’o 533K

Hollywood actress, has got a high number of followers from the film industry and her Kenyan enthusiasts.

10.Maina Kageni 490K

The classic FM morning show presenter, has been one of the top Radio presenters in Kenya, and most of his FM topics have been robust and viral.

Things got hotter for his fans we he announced that he is vying for Nairobi women reo seat



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