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10 Business You Can Do With A Smartphone

Do you own a smartphone? You are having one of the most crucial tool of trade in the modern world.

Owning a smartphone even if you are employed, can give you a side hustle or main hustle with absolutely less cash to invest.

Here are some awesome business you can start with a smartphone.

1.Make an e-book

It can be very profitable to write your skills and knowledge in an electronic book for people looking to learn a skill or for those who want to learn from a career.

If you know what kind of audience you want to reach, I assure you that you have a value proposition.

If you are an expert on a specific topic, there is likely to be an audience of people willing to pay to learn what you know.

If your experience does not lend itself to the form of electronic books, you can also create and share online courses.

Either way, once the digital content is created, it can continue to be sold again and again. And the best: there is no inventory threshold or manufacturing cost

2.Record podcast

Podcasting is another great way to use a couple of hours to build a regular audience around an industry-specific topic.

Create your audience and later find sponsors who are willing to pay because you advertise products or small ads.

3. Consultancy

Everyone is born unique and this means you have an ability that one needs from you. Venturing into consultancy basically requires zero capital

4.Social Media Manager

Social Media is a new thing and big firms are struggling to adapt this market. Step up throw in your proposals to such firms and high profile personalities


Blogging is one of the easiest business to start with almost no cost and get paid with huge returns.

One can start off by writing and publishing own interests.

6.Develop applications

It might seem that there is an application for everything, but then someone comes and revolutionizes the way of doing something new. Application development is a new and growing industry, and there is always a need to be filled.

Learning the code might take a little time, but once you start developing, you can comfortably set your own hours to launch your application. Coding is also a great gateway to building a bigger business when the time is right.

7.Online Support

You can use your smartphone to offer online support by calling clients and offering them help on how to troubleshoot their computer applications

8.Online shop

Today, their exists online shops such as OLX, where you can sell your commodities from you own house.

It is easy, just take picture and post with prize tags

9.Communication services

Emailing and other forms of communication would demand a good system and a computer such as smartphone is key.

Ventures such as transcribing is a good deal.

10.Calling agency

You can begin an online calling agency that enables one to offer services such as customer service, support and other related product needs that need close attention

11. Modelling

You can take pictures and post them on your line, attract agency and get to pocket some free cash.


If you have huge following on your accounts, you can offer clients in need a platform to showcase their goods and services by just tapping it via your phone

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