10 Cases That Do Not Cover Car Insurance

No matter what you have spent, your insurance will not cover you in the following cases and you will have to answer for the damages and any compensation.

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  1. If you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs you would be committing to crime that you consciously know is expressly forbidden.

Not only are you endangering your safety and that of the environment, such as your insurer will ignore you in case you cause any kind of damage. Likewise and obviously do not try to cover the sanctions.

  1. If you transport more passengers or more cargo than allowed

Once again, we would be committing to crime where the total responsibility for the damage and the corresponding sanctions will be entirely borne by the driver.


  1. If you drive without a driving License

In both cases you expose yourself to assume full responsibility for what is considered a very serious infraction. All the derivative events as well as the corresponding economic sanctions will fall on the driver in question.

  1. If you participate in an illegal career

If you believe Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious and participate clandestinely in a race, the entire responsibility will fall on your account and risk.

Even arguing that it was a race in a circuit, this argument will be useless since there are specific policies for those cases.

  1. If you park on a dock

Care in the docks, because many insurers do not take responsibility if something happens to your vehicle. Also, if you travel with your car by boat and it will be paid for the ship’s cargo insurance.

  1. If you have an impact with a relative or neighbor

In this case it is necessary to specify. The insurer will cover you if the collision has been involuntary and the company can corroborate it.


In the absence of evidence, and given that it is an accident between acquaintances (a relative, a neighbor, a friend ), the insurer can claim an intention of fraud.


  1. If you drive on a dirt road

Counted some exceptions, many insurers will not cover you in case you have some type of accident or breakdown traveling along unpaved roads. Also, those that do cover the damages economically are likely to not provide mechanical assistance.


  1. If in case of accident, do not help the injured

According to the law, in the event of an accident, and having the capacity to do so, it is mandatory to go to the assistance of the injured person.

If, on the other hand, you were to flee after causing an accident, or you did not help a pedestrian in case of a hit, you would be committing to a criminally punishable offense.

The insurer would indemnify the victims of the accident and these expenses could be borne by you.

  1. If a natural catastrophe, war or nuclear accident occurs

In this situation, insurers have no obligation to insure you as they leave explicitly in the policies. In this case, you will have a claim before the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

  1. If you do new changes and add new accessories in your car

If you modify such aspects as to GPS, that did not come standard, the insurer can argue that the car that appears in the policy does not match the one that you have suffered the accident.

In this case the insurer will cover the damages to the third party, but you can wash your hands in your case.

  1. If you are under 25 years old

It is not entirely profitable for insurers to insure new drivers. That is why you will find it difficult to find a company or that will be extremely expensive.

Many people therefore insure the car in the name of an older third party being the main driver, a person under 25. In this case if the main driver has an accident, the insurer will completely disengage.



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