10 Celebs Under 24 Years Old, With Big Grown Up Kids

Finding a celeb with a kid under 25 years is as hard as looking for a celeb over 50 years without a kid.

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It is simply because, most celebrities are trying to fight for relevance and begin a career in a high competitive segment, hence family matters are more likely to be sidelined.

We found out some of the 10 celebs who have decided to walk through the untrod-ed path and already have kids or they are expecting to have a kid

  • Bahati

Gospel singer recently unveiled his already big and cute looking daughter, it was a surprise for his ever yearning fans

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  • Awinja

After doing a baby shower over the weekend, she is expecting a bay anytime soon. All the best Jacky aka Awinja of Papa Shirandula

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  • Awiti

The actress of House Help of Kawangware has a beautiful angel, and she is just so proud, even though her dad is not yet disclosed.

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  • Cindy Ogana

Hot 96 presenter and The Trend commentator has been hailed as one of the cool young celeb mothers, even though she rarely shares pictures of her kid

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  • Saumu mbuvi

Even after having a bumpy relationship with Ben, Saumu Mbuvi is still taking good care of their little angel.

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