10 Celebs Who Own Few Available 50M Valued Bentley Cars In Kenya

When UK top brand car manufacture established their first ever dealership shop in Nairobi during last year’s month of June, it was evident that Kenya’s top creme had started spending big on luxury cars.

Bentley cars can cost up to Ksh.50 million from Ksh.20 million depending on the levels of customization and preference.

Remember that what looks too much for you is very little before some of the Kenyans. And for the last few months they have sold to Kenyans, they have done so to very few and privileged.

We feature some of the few privileged Kenyans who got lucky to own one such deluxe cars.

Polycarp Igathe

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor is cruising with a speed machine worth 50 million in Ksh.

Polycarp Igathe, who is now Equity Bank’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) was spotted cruising around the streets of Nairobi in a Bentley Bentayga, 2018 model.

This kind of Bentayga is owned by about 50 people across the world.

Steve Mbogo

Former Starehe MP , big business magnet owns several deluxe cars including a Bentley one, He also owns a chopper

2.Charles Kanyi Njagua

Starehe MP come musician is well known for his insatiable appetite for cars, and surely here is his Bentley one


Kenya’s top brass Billionaire Chris Kirubi loves his Bentley inform of Bentley Bentyga.

4.Shaffie Weru

Kiss FM presenter owns a Bentley GTC 2014

5.Felix Oduor

Aka Jalang’o, he is one of the radio personalities who command a six figure salary every month. And he has several fleet of luxury cars besides the Bentley pictured here.

6.Ali Hassan Joho

Mombasa governor also owns a chopper apart from this Bentley pictured here

7.Jose Chameleon

Uganda’s top musician who is also famed in Kenya and the rest of the world Jose Chameleon bought for himself a brand new convertible car from Bentley Automobile firm.

Image result for Jose Chameleon bentley car

You will need more than not taxed Ksh.24 million to buy the Bentley Continental GTC Convertible which he just bought with little hustle.

The ‘Badilisha’ hit maker also owns other top cars such as Cadillac Escalades, Mercedes, BMWs among others.

The car is very not common in Kenya, unless you meet the likes of Feliz Oduor (Jalangó), Charkes Njagua (Jaguar), Steve Mbogo who are lucky to own one

Image result for Bentley Continental GTC Convertible

8.B Club Billionaire Barry Ndengeye

B Club Billionaire Barry Ndengeye is arguably Kenya’s richest car collector


KRG is a Kenyan musician and automobile enthusiast

10.Ahmed Nasir

Also known as Grand Muller, lawyer Ahmed Nasir has received another yet awesome looking Bentley car that is worth more than Ksh.20 million shillings.

He adds something expensive to his already flashy garage

11.Six Unknowns owners

When the company opened, it shipped home 6 Bentley brands selling from 35 million to 45 million shilling in Kenya. They did not however disclose the names of the owners due to the privacy issues.

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