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10 Celebs Whose Business Are Booming Well Besides Being Part Time Affair

So many celebs have tried to venture into entrepreneurship, but only few have met the cut. Simply put, being a celebrity does not give you an easy walk into the path of entrepreneurship.

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Those who opted for the path, they never left their initial artistic work, they still pursue their both careers.

We take a look at some of Kenyan business men and women who have succeeded in this career.

1.Betty Kyalo, Posh Palace.

The KTN Prime New anchor has had a flowery career at her tender age before she decided to open up a luxury saloon in the high end of Nairobi.

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Even though her beauty palace is still new, the business is proving that she made the right decision. She has even personalized suits that are fondly known as Batty Kyalo suits

2.Julie Gichuru, Arimus Media

The former anchor at Citizen TV started Arimus Media which basically offers consultation for media firms.

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Julie has had a successful career with her husband having a rich background family, but this has not deemed her entrepreneurial candle

3.Akothee, Akothee Safaris and Real Estate

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Married to a Muzungu, Akothee refutes claims that she got a sponsor, because she had hassled all her way to fame and money. She owns Akothee Safaris alongside real estate investments. Currently she is romoured to be one of the richest celebs in Kenya

4.Jaguar, Real Estate


The Kigeugeu singer, is also one of the top rich celebs in Kenya, even though he has opted for politics where he is vying for Starehe Mp seat. he is a successful entrepreneur in Real Estate investment

5.Maina Kageni, PR Firm

He has a PR firm and an advertising agency which specialies in media practises. Besides he owns homes in Miami, Us. The Classic FM star is one of the riches media personalities in Kenya


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