10 Chemistry Photos Of Celebrity Crash Lupita And Trevoh

South African born comedian Trevoh Noah and Lupita Nyong├│ chemistry photos has kicked social media frenzy in Africa especially in Kenya.

The two celebrity friends who have been seen together on several occassions have been asked by their fans to fall in love and wed.

Lupita works as a Hollywood actress while Trevoh hosts a USA based comedy show dubbed The Daily Show

The two of them are still very single with no or little relationship drama in public domain.

Lupita has on several occasions appeared on Trevoh Noah’s popular show as well as visiting his country South Africa

Lupita was also poised to star in Trevoh’s film named ‘Born A Crime’

Here are some of the photos between the two looking like a power couple

Awards Ceremony

Sharing fun moment

In South Africa

Loved Up Potrait

On the Daily Show

On Date with some drinks

On Daily Show

With Lupita’s mother

On Daily Show

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