10 Computer Programs You Must Learn To Find A Job In 2019

More and more professions are carried out by means of a computer. In this sense, having a good command of the most used computer programs significantly increases our chances of finding work.

Although the generation of millennials is totally accustomed to the use of PCs and smartphones, not everyone has the necessary skills to operate a computer.

So, if we have specific knowledge, it is recommended that we make it appear in our curriculum vitae.

How? Very easy. First, indicating the program or programming language that we know (for example, Adobe Indesign); Secondly, specifying our level of competence (user, advanced or professional) and, thirdly, contributing diplomas or certificates that guarantee our abilities.

In short: computer courses are essential to gain credibility.

But what programs are the most demanded? Normally, those of the Microsoft Office package are valued above all.

That is,

  1. Microsoft Word (word processor),
  2. Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet application) and
  3. Microsoft Power Point (creator of presentations with slides).

On the other hand, depending on the sector to which you dedicate yourself, you will need other more specialized programs.

For example, if you opt for the world of image and design you will need skills in Adobe Indesign (layout), Photoshop (image processing) and Final Cut Pro (video edition).

On the other hand, if you move in the field of accounting and auditing, you will have to master the Nominaplus, the Contaplus and the SAP.

Finally, a tip for bloggers and all those who manage web content: a good WordPress training helps to convince any human resources manager.

Here we present some useful courses to improve your computer skills. You can choose between online or distance mode:

  1. MS Office
  2. Word Press
  3. Final Cut
  4. Adobe Master Collections
  5. Acicad
  6. ERP
  7. Email and Internet services
  8. Social media apps
  9. Skype, Team viewer or Anydesk
  10. Computer security and maintenance

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