10 Crazy Things Babu Owino Did While He Was Still A Student Leader

Babu Owino has been a student leader at the University of Nairobi for almost a decade now, through his tenure, he has been doing all manner of things to sound politically relevant the Kenyan ways.

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We look at 10 of the crazy things he has done since he became a student leader at the Kenya’s top leading higher institution.


Bride Price

He declared no need of paying a bride price during an interview with a TV girl

Obama Scare

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He demanded Obama to visit UON when the US president snubbed the top varsity

Drinking In Cell

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He was pictured drinking after being arrested in a police cell

Pope Scare

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He demanded the pope to visist UON and he will also present a list of fathers who have been sleeping with varsity girls

Having Goons

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He had a mafia that guarded him, so powerful than police force in Nairobi

Killing One Of Students

Students have been killed in his demos and elections, he was accused of being responsive of a student who died after his re-election

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