10 Cute Photos Of Maxine Wabosha

The cute and undeniably most beautiful You Tuber Maxine Wabosha has been turning heads with her stunning sense of fashion.

Despite being a Kenyan and generating content on You Tube meant for Kenyan market, Wabosha has been branded as foreign by unknowing Kenyans as well as so many pseudo accounts created to impersonate her brand and identity

Here are some key facts about Maxine Wabosha.

  1. As of 2019, she was aged 23 years old having been born in 1996.
  2. She is famous for her stunning beauty, as well as being a beauty and make up artist.
  3. The beautiful lass in single
  4. Besides , she is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Nairobi
  5. She has worked with top beauty firms such as House of Elzuri
  6. When she is not at work or school, she is making her You Tube content
  7. Maxine you tube content majors on the simplicity of making beauty show up it self using simple life hacks
  8. She commands a list of subscribers that spans more than 52K followers
  9. The facts that she is 23 years old, her baby face takes almost 10 years from her age with many of her fans thinking she is underage
  10. Unlike her fellow beauty pageant who depend on skimpy and half-naked lingeries, Wabosha’s treasure lies on her baby face that keeps on holding neticitizen hostage on her pages

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