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10 Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

Thus, it is necessary to create decision power in machines and also the capacity for learning, that is, from the knowledge contained in them, to be able to deduce or infer other knowledge.

Despite being a science that has been very developed in recent years, the truth is that artificial intelligence has been developed since the end of the Second World War.

Examples of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is present in different circumstances of our life. Our smartphones are experts at predicting what we are going to write and correcting our mistakes.

Even though it is not yet 100%, it is easy to realize that our mobile phone learns to predict our behavior. Another similar example is autofill recently added to Gmail, which allows us to save a lot of time in writing emails.

In more complex fields, we have the use of robots with artificial intelligence to explore space, cars that do not need drivers, air and maritime navigation systems, all of these areas have several examples of the use of artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • One of the great advantages is the reduction of errors that occur in tasks performed by machines when compared to human performance. However, for this it is necessary that the programming is done properly.
  • The decrease in errors is due to the fact that machines are more accurate and faster than humans. In addition, the machines are not affected by emotions or human problems such as lack of sleep or hunger.
  • Improvements in the interfaces after the analysis of the use of a given interface, and of course functionalities can also be adapted depending on the user.
  • Better information analysis, since machines can handle and analyze much more information at the same time than humans. For example, artificial intelligence can be used in the analysis of information to detect fraud.
  • Since machines will handle information, it will be easier to convert it into knowledge and use it.
  • Machines are more resistant to hostile environments and can be used to perform tasks that are dangerous to humans. Thus, robots equipped with artificial intelligence can be used in space exploration, mining, earth exploration in very deep places like the cracks in the oceans.
  • Another use of artificial intelligence is to replace humans in repetitive and boring tasks.
  • One of the sectors where artificial intelligence is widely used is in entertainment. In some games the machines learn to predict and read the player’s behavior, increasing the difficulty felt.
  • Another advantage of artificial intelligence is its use in simulations. This is an area where they can be useful in training real situations (medical emergencies, flying plans, etc.), preparing humans to act correctly in an emergency circumstance.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Right now the biggest disadvantages of artificial intelligence are related to the high costs of production and repair. The development of these systems is slow, it requires very experienced professionals and this is an area in which the workforce does not abound.
  • In addition to the cost of production, data storage is very expensive and also increases the price of developing and maintaining these systems.
  • There are still very few products on the market that work with artificial intelligence, as there is still much to be developed.
  • At this time, machines cannot yet work or perform tasks outside of what they were programmed to do. The knowledge contained in them only leads them to improve the execution of the task they were programmed to do.
  • They do not understand common sense and some important human issues such as creativity, so they cannot be used in all fields.
  • Obviously, there is also a risk of dependency on humans, since we easily get used to the advantages of technology.
  • Another problem is related to the risk of machines being created and used for the purpose of destruction, such as war machines.

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