10 Don’ts For Couples Heading For December Holiday

Not all couple who leave for December holidays come back when they are still happy. This is because, celebrations are marked with happiness and moments of disappointment.

The following guidelines will help you safeguard your relationship this Christmas Festive season

  1. Buy gifts to each other and share your holiday moments all together. Avoid getting personal as it might be perceived to be a sign of unfaithfulness
  2. Do not keep lone company with friends who show signs of engagement, as it is a holiday season many single or divorced partners are on the hunt for a Christmas partner. Don’t fall into the temptaton
  3. Define and set out what you want to do before you leave for the holiday. Never take things for granted. Set the dos and the don’ts
  4. Engage in safe practices such as safe sex, safe drinking habits or safe hobbies and manners.  This will limit your moments of getting uncontrolled
  5. Pray to God to be your guidance and leader. Seek clarity from your elders
  6. Avoid bad company at all your costs, since this is the genesis of hell
  7. Partially Engage in charitable activities such as donating to the orphanage and visiting the sick. This will enhance your bonding and chemistry
  8. Have fun, be free to one another and trust each other with the kind of information you are sharing
  9. Teach yourself money management skills, spending appropriately , investing and saving will keep a bad day away.
  10. Last but not least, Don’t forget about your parents and family members, friends and cronies



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