10 Easy Ways To Utilize Technology On The Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day or Love and Friendship Day is coming, so we want to give you some ideal options to give your lover, husband or family, friends, grandparents, uncles … to anyone who wants to express a sample of sweetie. It is important that the affection is present every day, but it is not enough to have a good pretext to give something.

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Next we will share a collection of technological gifts that you can find  with prices.
Kindle, white color- Ksh 1,499.00 MXN

In times where technology is part of our everyday reality, a Kindle might be ideal not to lose the habit of reading. You can find it available on Amazon in white or black, according to your preference. Its screen is characterized by not having reflections so that the reading is amena in broad daylight, besides that the battery will last weeks to avoid discomforts to have to be charging the device.

On Kindle you can store thousands of books and there is a choice between new releases and bestsellers. The delivery will be done before February 14th.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8- Ksh 1,39900 MXN

If your partner is retro lover, an instant camera could be ideal, in addition to that Amazon offers a great diversity of colors (yellow, blue, white, red, purple, black and pink).

The Instax Mini 8 stands out for having a striking and compact design, as well as being able to capture instant light photographs very simply with very vivid colors. In addition, it automatically adjusts the brightness for better capture. Likewise, it has different light filters so that you can take the best possible photo in each scenario.

This horn could be ideal for any situation. It works by Bluetooth and is compatible with smartphones, laptops, iPods, MP4 players, tablets, Android systems, iOS, Windows Linux, etc. On Amazon you can find it available in red, yellow or green.

Thanks to its IP44 protection, the TELEFUNKEN horn is very practical for extremely humid places. You can control it by means of a control over long distances, either to raise the volume, to advance a track, to change the color, etc. Its battery is rechargeable and includes its own micro USB cable.
Vinyl, The Dark Side Of The Moon- Ksh 56600 MXN

Every music lover would appreciate having Pink Floyd vinyl on their hands, so Amazon is offering it at a very affordable price. You can receive it the same Thursday, February 9. Your loved one will be able to enjoy classic and iconic songs like Us and Them, Eclipse, Any Color You Like, Speak To Me, among others.

If you think that The Dark Side Of The Moon is not enough, the platform offers a package that also includes vinyls Animals and Meddle for Ksh 1,49951 MXN.
Game of Thrones, seasons 1-5 Blu ray- Ksh 1,37900 MXN

If you have missed one of the most internationally renowned HBO series, do not miss this opportunity that includes season 1 to 5. Undoubtedly, an ideal gift to enjoy as a couple, since for a long time You can be entertained watching every tragic event by the dispute of the iron throne.

Bloody battles, forbidden romances, dragons, and immaculate are things you can enjoy for full hours. You will be able to find this package on Amazon and receive it before February 14 to plan your situation calmly.
Mortal Kombat XL, Xbox One- Ksh 89900 MXN

A video game could also be a viable option if your partner is a geek. Find this game on Amazon with a discount of $ 200. In this version of the game there is an inclusion of 8 new characters, unlike the original title, such that in total there are 33 fighters to select and perform great fatalities.

The variety of combos and attacks is incredible if we take into account that each character maintains 3 different styles. In addition, with the arrival of new characters, anyone would want to play with Alien or Predator. Take the time to decide to buy this wonderful title.
The Big Bang Theory, seasons 1-6, Blu-ray- Ksh 100000 MXN

Amazon offers 6 seasons of one of the series that stands out for ingenuity, criticism of social situations, and the wonder of being a geek person. No doubt
To that the price is quite accessible, because the platform indicates a saving of $ 622.84, that is to say, a 38 percent discount.

If you have not been constant and you have lost the history of a group of friends who love comics, video games, physics, chemistry and technology, question your existence well and acquire The Big Bang Theory to entertain you day and night beside your beloved.
Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Blu-ray- Ksh 97900

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