10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Late Janet Kanini Ikua

On Saturday morning, Janet Kanini was pronounced dead after a long battle with lung cancer.

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The popular TV girl who hosted a property show, N-SOKO led such a silent lifestyle as a celebrity. Only death has managed to put her in the limelight.

In 2016, her resilient was imminent, she even announced that she had won the battle, looks like it had gone to recollect itself, and as fate will have it, she had passed at 38.

Here are 10 facts you did not know about Janet Kanini Ikua before death plucked her from Kenya

  1. She resigned on the Property Show to battle with cancer, she fought it upto India, New Dehli
  2. In 2016, she declared that doctors had set her free from cancer, and that she was totally healed.
  3. Before she was treated free of cancer, she had a national campaign to help her raise the required millions for the cancer treatment.
  4. She studied at Kenyatta University after her high school education at Precious blood Riruta.
  5. She at one point, after KU worked on a travelling theatre group, where she met the likes of Redykulas.
  6. She met the love of her life, Tony Ikua at the back stage of a theatre group, their friendship grew to a wedding ceremony
  7. She was once rejected by KTN and NTV because her face was too young for a TV girl. She was determined though. That was in 2008.
  8. She worked with Phoenix Theater group, later on, where she advanced her skills in communication and voice overs in the advertising agency.
  9. Her dad unfortunately also had cancer, Peter Muiva.
  10. She spent her last days sensitizing and raising awareness about cancer since 2015. She left behind a loving boy and girl with her husband Ikua


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