6 Facts You Ought To Know About The Moipei Quartet

The Moipei Quartet is a melodious band made up of 4 siblings namely Mary Moipei, Martha Moipei, Magdaline Moipei and a sister Seraphine Settoon Moipei. The latter was born in 1995 while the 3 were all born in 1993 on the same day. They hail from Mara in Narok County.

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Duties of each member in the band

  • Mary Moipei- Plays -Clarinet, Saxophone and Piano, Voice Soprano
  • Magdalene Moipei- Plays Flute, Piccolo and Violin , Voice Alto
  • Martha Moipei- Plays Trumpet and Euphonium, Voice Soprano
  • Seraphine Moipei- Plays Flute, Violin and Piano, Voice Alto

Here are 6  facts about the singing band

  1. They became the first ever child ambassador of UNICEF at 12 and 10 years respectively.  deal that brought them to the lime light of today
  2. They have also set another record, the quartet were awarded with a prestigious award, 2011 4th SABC Crown Gospel Musical Award
  3. They also worn a scholarship at one of the palatial school located in Nairobi, Brookhouse School
  4. They received a state commendation from President Uhuru Kenyatta during his first term as a president
  5. After receiving a tutelage from their dad Nicholas Ole Moipei, they released their first song in 2009, dubbed ‘Land of Lions’
  6. There mother is called Chriustine Moipei, while their Dad Nicholas is a teacher at Kenya Music and Cultural Festival




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