10 Facts To Know About 24-Year-Old Miss Langáta Sentenced To Death

Ruth Wanjiku Kamande who won the Miss Langáta Prison Beauty contest has been handed a death sentence after court established that she intentionally killed her boyfriend after stabbing him 22 times.

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High Court judge Jessie Lesiit found Ms Kamande guilty of stabbing her late lover Farid Mohammed 22 times in 2015 in Nairobi.

“I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend, even if you are disappointed or frustrated, don’t do it, it is good to walk away and thereafter forgive,” said the judge.

In her mitigation, the court found out that she did not indicate that she acted out of anguish and despair.

“I find that the accused acted with clear intention to cause the deceased pain, suffering and death,” stated the judge.

The family of the deceased expressed satisfaction with the 19th July court ruling

We want to confirm to Kenyans that there is justice in our courts, after 3 years of waiting, our prayers have come to pass, we finally have justice for Farid.” expressed Emma Wanjiku, aunt to the deceased.

Judge Lesiit also said that her act proved malice, which made her be convicted of murder. Kamande however was planning to appeal the case according to her plans

10 facts you should know about Miss Kamande

  1. Ruth Kamande was the only child of a single mother, her younger brother had passed on during their childhood. Kamande also lost her dad.
  2. Before she was arrested, she was studying Business at JKUAT, then in 2015 aged 21 years old
  3. She was sentenced to death on 19th July 2018 aged 24 years old. Kamande was born in 1994
  4.  Kamande has spend so far 3 years in prison before her ruling.
  5. Pretty prison lost her dad, she has been living as an orphan
  6. She told the court that she confronted her boyfriend Mohammed after she dsicoverd a card which suggested that he was going through HIV treament
  7. The matter got worse when she discovered two letters from other two women
  8. She stabbed her lover 22 times after a kitchen knife fell on them while fighting on the floor
  9. Kamande’s ruling was termed harsh due to an observation that she was rude during the court processes
  10. She won the Miss Langáta beauty pageant in 2016. She has been called as Kenya’s most beautiful prisoner


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