10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dr.King’ori

Dr. Kingóri has been in the media for quite a number of years now.

Here are some of the quick facts you might not have known about the host of weekend edition Dr.King’ori


  1. He is the writer and producer of his one man show comedy ‘The Wicked Edition’ which airs on NTV every Tuesday after 7pm news
  2. He also works behind the scenes on the production of ‘the Trend’ which comes every Friday on NTV
  3. He is a father of one, he is currently aged 25 years old
  4. He was raised up in the Blue Valley, Embu
  5. He was the voice behind Offside show ‘Kinyanjui’ while still working with Otoyo aka Kazungu Matano
  6. The lad has been in the comedy industry since 2010 working from GBS as JB Masanduku, worked at Churchil show before joining NTV
  7. His favorite celeb is Larry Madowo, whom he draws inspiration from
  8. The Wicked Edition first appeared on ‘the Trend’
  9. He says his biggest fan is his own father who calls him by his stage name Dr.King’ori
  10. He has set aside his real names for the reason best known to him as ‘professional reasons’

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