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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Manu Chandaria

Manilal Premchand Chandaria is one of Kenya’s leading industrialists who was born 89 years ago in 1929, Nairobi.

The Indian decent Manilal aka Manu is famously known as a Businessman, Industrialist, Entrepreneur and Philathropist. He is a step-father to the famous Darshan Chandaria and one of founding members of viral Chandaria Industries.

Below are 10 facts probably you didn’t know about Manu Chandaria.

  1. He was born to a Indian father who moved from India and settled in Nairobi by 1915. Young Chandaria would later help his dad with chores at their provisions shop based along Biashara street, CBD. They lived in Ngara estate with their small family of three.
  2. He studied in Kenya for his primary and O level education before he moved on to India for his undergraduate degree. He made away with a degree of Bachelor of Science from Jamnagar India University, Bombay in 1949 . He went to USA where he earned another degree in Bachelor of engineering. He made a step further to get a masters from the same university of Oklohama.
  3. He returned to Kenya  to join his family which was flourishing in business
  4. Chandaria’s future father-in-law had made a group of ten who joined hands and bought Kenya Aluminium which was then struggling. The group went ahead to give birth to Concraft group worth 2.5 billion,  presence in more than 40 nations , shortly after falling apart 20 years later. Concraft did well and it spread it’s wings to other countries such as  Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo, India and Zambia
  5. He holds senior positions such as Technical University of Kenya chancellor, senior member of Comcraft Group, Chairman of Bank of India Advisory Committee in Nairobi among others
  6. His philanthropic foundation Chandaria Foundation has been set up in more than 11 countries. Chandaria draws his philanthropy heart from Henry Ford and John D. Rockfeller.
  7. He is also a peace maker with his keen participation in peace pacts such as being a member of the Global Leadership Council and the patron and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation in Africa
  8. Chandaria is married to one wife Aruna whom they got two kids,  daughter Priti and son Neal. He also has 3 grandchildren. He lives in Nairobi suburb  Muthaiga estate
  9. He has received top awards such as the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II and  the Elder of the Burning Spear by former president Mwai Kibaki
  10. He was listed as one of the richest man in Kenya in 2017.


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