10 Facts You Should Know About 72-Year-Old Killer Bus Driver

On October 10th, the country was thrown into deep morning after Homeboyz Bus belonging to Western Express Bus company was involved in a heinous accident that killed 56 on board and left more than 10 nursing serious injuries.

Police established that the bus had lost control after its breaks failed, veered off the road through guard rails before it went down a steep slop for about 20 metres near Fort Ternan in Kericho county.

Among the dead was the driver of the bus who succumbed to injuries sustained after the accident.

Here are some facts about the driver.

  1. Known as Lucas Abdala, was born 72 years ago in 1946, before he moved to Tanzania at 19 years old, he studied driving in Tanzania before he came back and joined Kenya Pipelie Company as a driver
  2. He hailed from Shamakhokho in Vihiga county, where he was battling with a court case of someone who wanted to grab his land
  3. He is believed to have had more than 25 kids at the time of his death. Three sons and 22 daughters. He married several women and was living with his last wife in Kisumu
  4. He used to drive long distance vehicles, before he ventured into Matatu and eventually long distance passenger vehicles
  5. The usual bus driver is said to have declined to drive it citing that it needed to be taken for mechanical maintenance and check, but Abdala stepped in and drove it to death traps
  6. Cleophas Shimanyula, the bus owner revealed that he had worked with the bus company for only 8 years
  7. If the driver would have been lucky enough to survive, he stood a likelihood of facing manslaughter charges and reckless driving
  8. Abdala had worked for the Homeboyz Bus for only three days after he resigned from Matunda Bus Company
  9. He had been a driver with experience for more than 50 years in the transport industry
  10. According to his cousin Johnston Chogo, he was a teetotaler and never took any form of  alcohol drinks





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