Jowie Shows Love As Maribe Breaks Down In Tears After Court Ruling

The romantic side of Joseph Irungu towards his girlfriend Jacky Maribe was still glowing even when both of them were facing murder charges.

After Justice Jessie Lessit ruled out that Jacky Maribe should be taken to Lang’ata Women’s Prison for remand, the Citizen TV reporter sat down with her face looking so heartbroken.

Photojournalists who were in the dock to report the case, started taking photos of Maribe, but Jowie moved fast and stopped his conversation with her lawyer Cliff Ombetta to shield her face from being photographed.

Jowie showed this love gesture in the right way since Jacky Maribe has been trying to cover her face away from the glaring media. At one time Jowie is seen blocking off a photographer who was insisting to take a photo of Maribe in tears.

Besides, the two lovebirds seems not to let their love be shaken by the ongoing murder case in which they have been accused to be key masterminds.

Jowie’s love moments with Maribe did not just end there, when Maribe broke down to tears during the hearing, Jowie is seen requesting for a tissue to wipe off Jacky’s tears.

Justice Lessit ordered Jowie to be taken to Industrial Area Prison  until Monday when he is expected to take a plea while Maribe will undergo a mental exam before taking a plea on the same day.

Watch the romantic side of Jowie in the video- courtesy of Nairobi News 


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