10 Facts You Should Know About Huduma Number

Huduma Namba aka Huduma Number loosely translated to ‘Service Number’ is a special number that the government is seeking to allocate to each individual for the purpose of seeking government services

The registration process was launched on 1st of April in 2019 by top government officials lead by President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga

Here are 10 facts about Huduma Number you need to know

1.To cost taxpayers a whole whooping 7.2 Billion

The project is costing the government a whooping 7.2 billion, a move that has rang anti-corruption bells into action who claim that it is a big scandal waiting to explode

2.It is totally voluntary

The exercise which is taking place across the nation, is a voluntary service and the government cannot deny any citizen services suppose one choose not to register

3.Crucial data

The court stopped government from obtaining personal data such as DNA, GPS coordinates.

The government was ordered not to share the personal data with any form of foreign organizations

4.No deadline

The process which was scheduled for only 45 days, will now go on without any time limits as thought before. Initially it was to end by 18th May 2019.

The process is being carried by government body dubbed NIIMS aka National Integrated Identity Management System

About the 19 days later, President Uhuru announced that the process had seen more than 11 million Kenyans register for the number

5.SIM Card switch-off

A statement from Communication Authority sent tongues wagging after it claimed that those who will have not registered for the number will have their Sim cards blocked.

However a statement from State House spoke differently, noting that it was not aware of such a directive

6. Huduma Number and Satanic Biblical 666 number

President Uhuru was forced to explain to the public that Huduma Number was not related to the one mentioned in the Bible as ‘666’.

The number appears in the book of Revelations chapter 13, verse 18 under the auspices of author Apostle John.

In the verse, he says that the viral satanic ‘666’ will be the number of man, issued for the reason to control man.

“This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” (Rev 13:18).

The 666 would be used for buying and selling and those who resist are bound for prosecution.

However the Huduma Number is no where related to the 666 since it is voluntary and taking place in Kenya.

Televangelist Paul Mackenzie was arrested for preaching against the number and relating it to 666.

Through his own TV dubbed Times TV, told his followers that the number was meant to sell their souls to the devil in his sermon dubbed ‘End Times’.

7.Relevance of Huduma Number

One of the key benefits of Huduma Number, will be to weed out some of the perennial problems which have been bedeviling the government such as
fighting crime, managing personal data and weeding out ghost workers.

The government also intends to use the number for the purposes of planning for its service delivery process, including eliminating fraud and channelling resources to the elderly, children, people living with the disability, members of proposed housing fund, farmers as well as small and medium enterprises.

8. Cons of Huduma Number

The number which literary stores your data in a single chip, could be a bomb waiting to explode if it lands in the wrong hands.

Besides, government has not explained any clear cut formula it has put in place to ensure the private info it is collecting will be heavily secured in their hands

9.Requirements for registration

The biometric process, will need key details such as birth certificate, driving licence, ID and even passport.

However those with NSSF, NHIF and KRA are also required.

One is required to present original copies of each document.

Kids aged from 6 years are eligible to undergo the process since they are old enough to begin their school life.

Assistant chiefs will be issued with over 31,500 biometric kits so as they continue with the process of registering new births, marriages and deaths

10. Non resident living in Kenya

Other nationals living in Kenya are also required to obtain the number.

However no any other new details are required and the process is free of charge.

What is being recorded: 

a. Personal numbers:

1. Birth Certificate number

2. ID number

3. Passport number

4. PIN Number

5. Driver’s license number

6. NHIF number

7. NSSF number

For the above it will be important to have them  physically. They are taking photos of them. 

b. Other numbers:

1.  Father’s ID number

2. Mother’s ID number

3. Spouse’s ID number.

For above, only numbers are needed. 

c. You also need to know:

1. Village name

2. Sub location

3. Location

4. Division

5. Sub county

6. County.

d. They are taking:

1. All finger prints

2. Passport photo

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