10 Foods You Should Eat During Exams For Better Performance

The exams are approaching, and without planning, you start extending your study days until the night. You sleep less and less because you study more and more, and the date on the calendar approaches, the intensity of this routine is even greater.

Graduands during Moi University’s 24th Graduation ceremony presided over by the institution’s Chancellor Prof Bethwel Ogot on December 10, 2009. JARED NYATAYA (Eldoret).

You do not understand why, but your brain and body ask for sugar to keep working.

The bad news is that, an excess of sugar could be more harmful than positive. Especially if it is obtained from the wrong foods.

While the brain demands sugar and this generates a shock of energy throughout the body, which allows students to stay alert to the long days of study, when the shock passes the sugar slump generates the opposite. Fatigue, poor ability to concentrate and sleep can appear at this time, thus ruining all study plans.

How to avoid it? Consuming sugar from the right foods.

What foods to consume?

The most advisable is for those who have a high glucose load.

Glucose is a monosaccharide or type of sugar present in foods such as fruits and honey. Its effect for students is extremely positive at times of study, and can even improve the performance and the ability to concentrate before these instances.

If what you want is to study, keep each of the things you read, avoid fatigue and be able to study as many hours as you want, the recommended thing is:

Eat something every two hours, so that the body is well nourished.

Choose fruits instead of Foods like junks.

Studying a lot causes the body to consume a large amount of glucose quickly, and therefore, need to replenish it. Eating a gingerbread may be more attractive than eating an apple, but the result will not be the same.

With both foods the sugar shock that the body needs will be achieved, but only one of them is healthy. For students who resort to this method on a frequent basis, it will always be best to consume fruit when studying.

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