10 Free Multimedia Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2022

With so many  programs available on the Internet, there is no reason to choose an expensive or difficult to understand tool. If you have simple digital needs, the instruments don’t have to be complicated either.

Get to know the 10 best free digital media tools:

Audio editing

1. Audacity

The Audacity is a simple program, but effective audio editing that allows you to import, files, cut them out and then export them into MP3 or WAV. Audacity can be used with Windows, Mac and Linux, in addition to being compatible with several formats. The tool can also convert analog to digital audio.


Although Wavosaur only works with Windows and is less than half a megabyte in size, the computer program has very advanced features, such as vocal removal, batch processing and fade tools.

3. Ardor

The Ardou r  only works on Mac or Linux, but has advanced features and therefore can be a bit more complex. However, the program allows recording, remixing and editing of sound.

4. WavePad

The WavePad is another program with specific features, yet easy to use. Through it, the user has access to echo, amplification and voice alteration effects. It is also compatible with different music formats. However, the free version is only available for Macs.

Photo editing

5. Pixlr

Pixrl : This program allows you to upload photos on your computer and edit them in your browser. That is, it is not necessary to download the file, you can use it directly.

6. Picasa

The Picasa is Google ‘s photo editing tool. The download is free. The program operates on any system and features simple editing tools, such as reducing red-eye, making a slide show, cropping, retouching and even sharing your photos via Picasa Web Albums .

7. Picnick

The Picnik allows for online photo editing. The user of this tool has access to several special effects, as well as simple photo editing tools. Those who want more advanced tools can subscribe to the Premium version for a small fee per month.

Slideshow with sound 

8. PhotoStory

The PhotoStory is free and allows you to upload photos and audio, add captions, narration and transitions, so that you have a multimedia piece with the necessary interconnections between each content. The created file can be exported in WMV.

9. Animoto

The Animoto is great for beginners because it is simple and allows you to create slide shows, videos or photos. It can also be synchronized automatically with Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug and Picasa albums. However, only the Lite version is free; which means that you can only do 30-minute presentations with her. The Plus version  is paid.

10. PhotoPeach

The PhotoPeach , the three presented in slide show with sound, is the simplest. The tool allows you to upload photos, add music and captions and share on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

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