10 Frequently Asked Questions In A Job Interview

It is practically impossible to arrive at a job interview totally confident. The nervousness and the difficulties that you will have to face at this moment are mainly based on the ignorance of what will be asked during the job interview.

Therefore, we have separated 10 questions that, in most cases, make up job interviews.

Get to know the 10 most frequently asked questions in job interviews and see how to answer:

1- Talk a little about yourself

This is the classic way to start the interview. Talk for 2 or 3 minutes about areas of your life that are relevant to this job. They don’t need to know what your childhood was like. Talk about relevant things related to you and this vacancy.

2- What are your strengths?

In this question, you should talk about all the necessary qualifications that you read in the job description. Don’t forget to add other strengths relevant to this job.

3- What are your weaknesses?

Whatever you say, don’t be too honest! Telling them that you are often late or that you don’t like taking orders is not going to help you at all. Think of a weakness that is not directly related to this work. Something like: “my friends say I’m too organized”.

4- Why would you like to work here?

Everyone likes a compliment. It will be no different with your interviewer. Tell him about the company’s excellent reputation and explain why this company fits you perfectly. What you can’t do is sound desperate for the job or say it’s because of the salary.

5- Why did you leave your last job?

If you left because you had problems with your boss, resist the temptation to speak ill, because that is a lack of professionalism. Don’t blame the place where you were, but explain that you left or want to leave because you are looking for a place with a better reputation, like the company you are applying for.

6- Tell us about what you know about our company

It is because of this question that you should always research the company you are applying for before going to the interview. You need to know how it works in a more general sphere, as well as the job vacancy in question. Once your homework is done, just talk about what you know.

7- What are you most proud of?

Try to relate the answer to the job you are applying for. No matter what, look for support. For example, something that you have developed in the past and that can be useful for this company.

8- Tell us about an obstacle you had and how you managed to overcome it

Knowing how to solve problems is an important quality in any job. So try to think of something that shows that you know how to deal with the pressure of everyday life and communicate well with colleagues.

9- What do you expect to be doing in 5 years?

They will not hire you if you plan to stay in the company for only one year and then you will exchange them for another competitor that pays you better. Tell them that you see yourself working hard at the company you are applying for and that you are looking forward to the future there – even if it is not true.

10- What are your salary expectations?

Before you go to the interview, you have another homework to do. Find out how much someone in your field at your age earns in the sector you are applying for. Once this is done, offer them a salary cap, a maximum and then negotiate from here. Also, don’t forget to say that this opportunity means much more than money to you – they will love to hear it.

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