10 Habits Of A Good And Respectful Driver

Driving is not just engaging gears and brakes with acceleration pedal, rather it is a skill that is learned and perfected with time.

To be a good driver, you have to work on the following areas until you are way above 90%.

You cannot call yourself a good driver if you don’t do these 10 key simple habits

  1. The car doesn’t jerk when you brake
  2. Nor does it jerk when you take off
  3. You give way when necessary
  4. You use your indicators properly
  5. You know how to park
  6.  You change lanes early and with conviction
  7. You leave ample space between you and the car in front
  8. You read and follow the street signs
  9. You don’t get distracted by non-driving things
  10. Your driving is forgettable

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