10 Health Benefits Of Hugs To Your Body

For most people, a hug represents support, happiness, closeness and a way of expressing what we feel towards others; however, the benefits of hugs are more extensive, because they directly impact your health.

Scientists assure that a person needs to receive hugs and caresses from the first years of life, to prevent their neurons from dying due to the absence of physical contact.

The importance of this physical contact increases over time, for example, studies suggests that when other people touch or hug us , the levels of oxytocin in the blood increase , better known as the love hormone.

Therefore, it is an ideal therapy to reduce depression , loneliness, anxiety, stress and heal your body, but what other changes does a hug generate in your body ? Get to know them!

Hug and experience changes in your body!

1. Increase your confidence and security

2. Reduce feelings of anger and apathy

3. Promote happiness and improve your mood by raising serotonin

4. Strengthen your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells

5. Increase your self-esteem

6 Relaxes muscles

7. Releases tension in the body by balancing the nervous system

8. Lowers blood pressure

9. Reduces the risk of dementia

10. Rejuvenates your body by stimulating the level of oxygen in the blood

Psychotherapists assure that four hugs a day are needed to survive, eight for maintenance and 12 for personal growth

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