10 Hot Pictures Of Vera Sidika In See-Through Dresses

Recently dumped Vera Sidika by musician Otile Brown has cut loose her body in a see-through-dress that would make her haters clutch only on straws.

The thunderbolt photo of the raunchy socialite was shared on social media, it immediately went viral.

Her light skin blends with the shinning purple bikini as it tries to let the sparkling dress take control over the onlooker.

Vera Sidika recently reacted to the break up by showing off her love for unknown baby-daughter who is not yet ‘conceived’ while Otile bragged off with a new lady in Mombasa.

During the break-up, Vera said that she had turned down high profiles such as ‘governors and presidents’ so as to settle down with the musician who had already dedicated her a song.

In his defense, Otile claimed that Vera was tarnishing his name so as to scare off his female friends.

10 Lucid Pictures Of Vera Sidika In See-Through Dresses

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