10 Interesting Facts About Captain Ruth Karauri, Wife Of Sportpesa CEO Who Landed KQ Plane In  Extreme Weather 

On February 20th in 2022, Captain Ruth Karauri grabbed headlines when she skillfully landed a KQ plane amid a strong storm.

Capt. Ruth Karauri, skillfully landed KQ100 B787 amidst Storm Eunice at Heathrow Airport in UK together with First Officer, Ayoob Harunany.

In the video posted on social media platforms, Shows the plane land with crossing-wings on the runaway. Besides the wings of the Boeing plane swing to much of the strengths of Storm Eunice.

Watch the videos below

Interesting Facts About Captain Karauri

  1. Captain Ruth Karauri is a pilot at Kenya Airways (KQ)
  2. She is a doting mother and wife to Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri
  3. She joined KQ via the  Ab Initio pilots. 
  4.  Ab Initio pilots is a program by KQ where the airline takes people with little or no flight experience and train them, after which they are absorbed by the airline.
  5. Having passed her KCSE, she was set to join university for a degree in electrical engineering, however she was shocked when she learnt that she was among the 250 applicants who had been selected to join the KQ training program
  6. She flew to Addis Ababa for the first time where she went for her first pilot training
  7. After the training, she was absorbed by KQ.
  8. She has worked her way to the top and is currently a captain of the Boeing 737 and also flies the B787.
  9. Captain Ruth Karauri is a mother of three, two girls and one boy. 
  10. Her husband Ronald Karauri was also a captain at KQ before he went into the lucrative world of sports betting

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