10 Interesting Facts About Kenya’s New Education Curriculum

The new education system in Kenya, might make you want to go back to school, especially the part where it is now clear that their would be no national exams for Primary School section.

The new system, apart from being career based, it also exploits other areas that pupils and students might have but lack in the class work.

Check out below some awesome facts about the CBC System.

1. The system is referred to as Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and takes over from the outgoing system, 8-4-4.

2. Class is now referred to as Grade.

3. ECD has two levels only (Pre-Primary 1 and 2) that is PP1 and PP2.

4. Subject areas are now referred to as Learning areas

.5. Topics/sub-topics are now known as Strands/sub-strands.

6. Learning outcomes is the new term that replaces Lesson objectives.

7. Learning resources are used instead of Teaching aids.

8. Basic Education will be organized into three (3) levels: Early Years Education, Middle School Education and Senior School.

9. Level 1; Early Years Education will take 5 year: (This shall comprise two years of pre-primary and three years of lower primary school education).

10. Level 2; Middle School Education will take 6 years: (This shall comprise three years of upper primary and three years of lower secondary education).

11. Level 3; Senior School Education will take 3 years: (Senior School comprises three years of education targeted at learners in the age bracket of 15 to 17 years and lays the foundation for further education and training at the tertiary level and the world of work.

12. Specialization takes place at Senior School. The student can choose between 3 pathways ; The Arts and Sports Science, Social Sciences or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pathway.

13. The Arts and Sports Science pathway comprise of Sports, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.

14. The Social Science Pathway comprise of Languages & Literature, and Humanities & Business studies.

15. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pathway comprise of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Technical & Engineering, Careers & Technology Studies.

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