10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Maria Actress Yasmin Said

Who is Yasmin Said who is no doubt a household name in 2020?

The female actress who grace TV screens via Citizen TV series Maria has no doubt made her name in the murky waters of Kenyan Film industry.

Here are some interesting facts about Maria .

  1. Better known as Yasmin Said, she was born in Kilifi county, in 2000. In 2020 she was already on the blink of her career at just 20 years old
  2. After he high school education, her career began from the onset when she managed to get a role auditioned by Rashid Abdala and Lulu Hassan.
  3. Despite portraying a slum girl dwelling in a poor family, she has never lived such a poverty life, but rather brought up in a middle class Muslim family based on coastal traditions
  4. At Ribe High School in Kilifi, she was never a drama girl, but her moment came when she was still in school, she saw an advert for the auditions, and went ahead to try her luck, fortunately that is how she ended up on Citizen TV
  5. Yasmin is still single and would think of marriage after advancing her career.
  6. She loves pets and watching herself on TV so as to improve herself
  7. She always fancied being like Lulu Hassan, while in school, she was a member of a drama club. Yasmin would end up with Lulu at Royal Media Services
  8. Despite being a popular figure, she adores a private life. She prefers to live with her parents until the right time to go out for marriage or school
  9. She commands a huge social media followers, like on Instagram, she has a mammoth of more than 200K followers
  10. Besides her brains and beauty, Yasmin has also a high sense of fashion

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