10 Jobs You Can Do While Nursing Pregnancy

More and more tasks can be done online, so the offer to work from home is increasingly wide and more interesting

There are many options you can find to develop your career as a self-employed worker.

If you like studies in the humanities, you can dedicate yourself to be an editor or text editor.

Today there are many jobs that can be done from home, without the need to sit eight hours in an office.

If you are unemployed or are looking for a way to generate income as private or consoltant, but from your home, here are some ideas so you know where to look.

1.Writer and / or editor

Working as a freelance writer or editor does not just mean writing and editing books. Currently there are several blogs or portals that publish content on different topics for which you can work in any of the two functions.

Another alternative is to create your own blog or place to write and position yourself in a certain niche.


Currently, sites such as Guru, Elance, UpWork or others specialized in translation

Translated is another awesome site which is in constant search for new translators.

Translations of Chinese, Spanish, French and English and vice versa are the most demanded. So if you are bilingual there are many jobs waiting for you.

The works may involve the translation of materials in written, audio or video format, the writing of texts or even creating subtitles for audio-visual content.


There are many possibilities that small and medium companies must sell or market their services in these times, thanks to the emergence of new technologies which have generated an increase in the demand for professionals who offer their consulting services in multiple areas.

That’s why if you have any specific skill or knowledge about a niche market, there are probably companies or entrepreneurs interested in your skills, such as to put together a business plan, a marketing strategy, a legal adviser, much others.

4.Developer and / or web designer

Web pages, blogs, smartphones, among others, generate a constant demand from developers, programmers and web designers .

You can offer your services in a particular way for specific projects or for the maintenance of sites, in some of the many platforms to find freelance work.

5.Graphic designer

It is another field in which you can work at a distanc, there are multiple platforms that offer freelance graphic designers work.

You can also launch yourself and show your portfolio to companies or submit proposals for improvement to third parties, even when nobody asks you for anything; you will see that in some occasions you will be able to generate the need.


To hire the services of a private teacher, it is no longer necessary for the student to go to the teacher’s home, since it is now possible to teach through the Internet. How? Being an expert in an area, having a webcam and having a way to demonstrate your knowledge.

In case you do not have certification, but you are a foreigner, you will always have the possibility of teaching English as a second language.

There are those who create short and specific courses, composed of videos and theoretical materials, which they market by giving subscription access to those who pay.

7.Personal Trainer online

If you are ready to teach as Personal Trainer, a new alternative is to give classes online. For that, it can be extremely useful to create a YouTube channel, a Skype user and a blog.

8.Travel agent

If you travelled a lot or have experience in the assembly of trips taking advantage of the resources of the web, you can offer your services to individuals. While most information is on the Internet, many people do not have the time, patience or knowledge to put together a complete travel package.

If you have experience, have travelled many times and know how to do it, you can offer your services as a travel agent.

There are more services that you can offer that allow you to work from home. It is about looking for the niche, knowing what your strengths are and where you stand out. Beyond the possibilities of being freelance

9.Digital Influencer

It is one of the latest entrants into the business markets in Kenya.

Using social media with your followers, you can market brands and earn yourself good money


You can tern yourself into a source of entertainment with just your own phone camera.

Record good videos and upload them on a monetized You Tube account

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