10 Kenyan Celebs Before And After Cutting Weight

Before the colonists came, being fat was associated with luck, healthy and having a good life while being slim was thought to be sickening, demon possessed and cursed!

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But since the introduction of Western culture, things have changed so much.

Being slim is now the sought after issue since is it is branded as modest, healthy and lucky.

While being so fat is obviously being unhealthy, not very attractive , It has become the opposite of the past!

This has thrown many including celebs to hit the roads and gyms in bid to lose excess weight and shed down unnecessary fats.

Have a look at them below, before and after loosing weight

Will Raburu

Willis Raburu has been on the course to win the battle of his huge body with loads of fat . And since his marriage with Mary Ngami.

He shared the fruits of his battle, and sure it was great!

Diana Marua

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During her pregnancy with baby Heaven Bahati, she gained so much weight that she at one point felt ashamed of her huge weight.

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But the lucky wife to Bahati has regained her body only after hitting the gym

Anerlisa Mungai

The Keroche heiress was once a public of shame after a photo of herself looking gorgeous and slimy went viral against her ‘fatty’ mass of weight.

She resorted to going back and hit the gym for her survival.

DK Kwenye Beats

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DK Kwenye beats was forced by his own concerned fans to hit back the roads as well as the weights in the gym arenas.

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Fans had noted that his health was deteriorating based on his overgrowing weight

Wandia Gichuru

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Wandia Gichuru is a woman to follow her steps from behind when it comes to working out for the gym. The 48 mum of 3 awesome kids has won hearts of many couples who want to live a healthy and exercise lifestyle


Aka Jacky Nyaminde, shocked her fans after she lost huge mass of fats and achieved a 21-ish girl look.

Big Ted

After a surgery and an advise to live healthy or lose his dear life, Big Ted lost his body weight from 256kgs to a mere 90Kgs.

He made a shocking first public appearance during the 2017 August election at Bomas tallying centre


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The reggae goddess also has left Kenyans in awe after her epic weight loss transformation

Kalekye Mumo


Kalekye Mumo was never shamed of her body when she was still hiding behind a microphone with such a cute and pretty voice.

Then there was no social media. But when it arrived, she learnt how to respect the gym and her entire health.

She lost a huge mass thanks to social media peer pressure. After all health is wealth

Teacher Wanjiku

If comedy makes one not to feel pain but rather laugh, then too much of it makes one get fatty and overweight.


She learnt the hard way, no pain no losing of weight!

Atemi Oyungu

Atemi achieved her curvy loks after hitting the road with a combo of gym.


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