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10 Kenyan Celebs Who Finished Their Studies Despite Having A Well Paying Talent

Following your dreams in schooling and the path to your your calling career can be a dilemma in equal measure.


For celebs who already have a better paying talent, it is easy for them to give a cold feet to studies and even abandon them completely.

But not all of them can do so, we look at 10 celebs who went ahead to finish their studies parallel to their already matured and well paying career to their talent.

Please note that some of the celebs are from Uganda or Tanzania but they are currently serving with their talents in Kenya.

One open lesson we can learn from them is the fact that education should never be thrown under the tables despite success in other careers.



He graduated from USIU in Nairobi with a degree in Business Administration.



The Most famous female rapper artist has a degree in Financial Economics from Strathmore University.

13.Joyce Omondi


Wife to Citizen TV ace Wahiga Mwaura has a major inĀ Economics and Integrated International Studies from abroad. She has brain and beaty all in one basket.

14.Dela Mafeelings

She has a degree in Architecture from the University of Nairobi.


15.Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande

She studied pharmacy at Kenya Medical Training College alongside her music career.

16.Linet Muraya-Size 8


She came from Uganda where she had gone to Makerere University.

17.Amileena Mwenesi


From South Africa, she came with a degree in Hospitality and Operations management in Hotel Industry.



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