10 Kenyan Celebs’ First Humble Cars Vs Their Todays Luxury Cars

Beginning humble is a formula for most of Kenyan celebs, which is also an inspiration for many.

It is a fact that most of Kenyan celebs had a humble start with their career, but grew out of their bubble to become who they are today.

1. Betty Kyallo

Business lady and TV anchor Betty Kyallo as left with her mouth open when she recently saw her first car that she had bought while working as an intern with KTN TV.

Betty could not believe she owned a blue Subaru Imprezza salon car.

See what she said about the car.

Aki imagine today I saw my FIRST CAR ever🤩 Oh my I bought this car when I was confirmed after internship at KTN☺️☺️ Oh my goodness so many great memories. I was a “Subaru Girl” gosh I used to run the streets with this girl!!! Whoosh! It was loud and it had the cool black bucket seats. Growth is Just so beautiful! Also the current owner @eng_lenard_mware has maintained it so so well. I don’t know why it feels like it’s still mine though! 😂😂😂😂Oh my. Anyway sweet memories!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, Betty drives cool cars among them a classic Mercedes Benz and a Toyota Prado

2. Jalangó aka Felix Odiwour

Jalango is one of the few celebs in todays motor world who owns more than five luxury cars including a Bentley, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz

“The year is 2009. The venue is the Kenya National Theatre…My first car Starlet KAU 003k At this time My house is in Kasarani…First flat after the Kasarani police. The flat name to date is EPHESIANS and my house is U19 on the 4th floor….Trust the process! God above everything,” said the comedian.

3. Khaligraphy Jones

Papa Jones aka Khaligraphy Jones owns a fleet of old Subaru cars that he bought while he was still an upcoming artist.

When he got cash, he upgraded to nice sport cars such as Range Rover Sport and went back to pimp his old Subarus

4. Akothee

The first car Akothee ever owned was this white saloon car with initial plate of KAT …

Today, coast best musician who is also ranked as one of the richest singers in Kenya owns a fleet of expensive speed machines, among them Toyota Prados.

5. Willy Paul

6. DJ Mo

7. Sakaja

8. MC Jessy

10. Jeff Koinange

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