10 Kenyan Celebs Who Have Lost Lucrative Jobs Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the biggest losses COVID-19 has caused to the human race, is loss of life and putting millions of lives at healthy risks.

However, job loss has been the third largest negative effects of COVID-19.

And it has affected all and sundry.

In Kenya, many Kenyans have lost jobs and forced to go hungry or survive on food donations.

The pandemic has neither spared Kenyan celebs, as a large number has lost their jobs.

Here are top Kenyan celebs who lost lucrative jobs due to corona virus spread.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo was fired from K24 and was forced to focus on her beuty shop as well as her online You Tube channel that she relies on to generate money for survival.

Kyallo lost her job at the end of May 2020, when Kenya had entered into a dive with COVID-19

Betty Kyallo’s beauty parlour has also been affected owning to the fact that COVID-19 had pushed her customers on financial crisis as a result, lowering the rate of her business

Tony Gachoka

KTN’s top show Point Blank hosted by Tony Gachoka was pulled off air as KTN financial muscles were stretched beyong limits

Gachoka was equally rendered jobless


Even though she depends on her music career, Akothee’s largest wealth came from her maiden tourist firm Akothee Safaris.

But since the ban on travel and introduction of strict COVID-19 rules, her tour firm was greatly affected and like many others, forced to shut doors

Churchil aka Daniel Ndambuki

Daniel Ndambuki’s popular show on NTV Churchill Show was pulled down from NTV so as to comply with tough COVID-19 measures ordered by Kenyan government.

The comedy show relied so much on hosting crowds of people, and as for now, this has been tough for Churchill show

Simon Kabu

We all know about Bonfire Adventures, but we little know about the brain behind it, and it is Simon Kabu.

He is among the businessmen in Nairobi counting huge losses as the pandemic keep getting stronger and out of control.

Bonfire Adventures closed their doors, and business for them has not been usual as it was before.

Tour firms relies heavily on travel and stopping air, water and road transport means no job for them

Kithure Kindiki

Tharaka-Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki lost his job to serve as the Deputy Speaker of the Senate camber.

He was dewiped following a fallout with his own party.

Dennis Itumbi

In mid of March 2020, Dennis Itumbi was among the State House employees fired from work.

Before Itumbi worked as a Digital Communication Specialist in State House

Vera Sidika

Top Kenyan socialite who lives on making her huge sums of money by flying, is nowhere to be seen in skies.

Since the international ban on flights, Vera has been grounded and that means she is making huge losses on missing her potential customers

It is safe to say also, her beauty parlour is making losses too.


Since the sex exposee by Vlogger Edgar Obare, Mzee Jalas has admitted that he lost alot of advertising deals from potential customers.

Edgar Obare exposed Jalas as a sex pest preying on innocent young ladies who look to make a living through him.

Mike Sonko

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko lost total control of power in Nairobi when he handed over the management of his adminstrtive functions to National Government.

Since then, he has been reduced to a ceremonial governor


Unlike Sonko, ex Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu aka Baba Yao lost his job end of January 2020 following a successful impeachment

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