10 Kenyan Celebs Who Look Like International Celebs

There are these celebs you look at them and still wonder if they are still Kenyans, their looks just betrays them and among the 43 tribes we have in Kenya, it is had to place them yet they directly come from either of them.

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Away from looks, their character and assimilation to the Kenyan culture has been difficult, if not had to believe and see.

6.Philip Murgor

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He made his most famed public apperance when he joined the race for Kenya’s top job, the presidency seat, but bowed out in the halfway.

Murgor is a half cast, and looks more of English fellow

7.Papa Jones

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Bleached and speaks with an American ‘nigga’ accent, the rapper has even called himself on several occasions as of being from the ‘white’

8.Sara Hassan

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The foremer Tahidi actress is more of a black American girl, he slander body makes it all.

9.Margret Kenyatta

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A breed of a Kikuyu dad and a German dad, First Lady looks of a white woman. So calm and composed. Mrs Kenyatta is a German ‘machine’

10.CBK Governor

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Patrick Njoroge first declined to move into an expensive house, the governor too never thought of a good salary. Besides his character, even his looks are whte too

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