10 Kenyan Celebs With Suits Costing Ksh.2 Million Plus

Kenya’s rich and well paid male celebrities are splashing cash on designer suits.

In a day and time when image is everything, these men are not letting this opportunity slip off their hands.

These suits are usually imported from USA, Europe after being customely made and shipped to the specific client.

Here are Kenyan men with the most expensive suits ever worn in Kenya.

1.Chris Kirubi- 2.3 Million Brioni suit

The Kenyan tycoon wears Italian brand suits dubbed Brioni.

Kirubi pays a deposit of 0.5 million to a tailor in Italy, who makes the suit and ships it to Kenya after about 3-6 months

Brioni suits are made from rare woolen clothes and are used mainly by very rich celebrities such as former American President George W.Bush and Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The man behind the designer suits is known as Brioni, who started the company just to satisfy loaded and special people with money, power, and success

2.Jeff Koinange – 2.2 Million Ermenegildo Zegna Suit

Citizen TV host Jeff Koinange is known to be one of the braggadocios celebs in Kenya

Just recently while hosting his own show dubbed JKL, Jeff showed off his Ksh.2.2 million suit, customized with his name.

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Jeff Koinange's designer suit leaves tongues wagging

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The Ermenegildo Zegna suits are usually custom made and imported from USA.

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Watu wako na pesa. Hizi ndio suit Jeff Koinange anavaa

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3.Uhuru Kenyatta – Brioni 2 Million Suit

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta is another frequent buyer of Brioni suits with a small outlet located in Nairobi city.

Uhuru’s suits costs upto 4 Millio among them his expensive Brioni suits

The suits are more loved by big celebs across the world such as Koffi Annan, Al Pacino, Donald Trump and even the late Nelson Mandela. Since 1995, they have been the ‘official suit’ of James Bond.

A very skilled tailor usually visits Nairobi’s Little Red at the Yaya Centre twice a year, just to take the client’s measurements.

These suits can last upto 40 years.

4.The Grand Mullar- I.2 Million – Brioni

Better known as Ahmednassir Abdullahi , the famous city lawyer downs a suit worth Ksh.1.2 million.

“I have good taste in clothes – suits, shirts, ties and shoes. All my jeans are and most of my suits are by Brioni. I’m into labels.I shop when I travel and my clothes remind me of where I have been,” he once said in an interview.

5.Steve Mbogo – 0.8 Milion , Bossi suits

Former Starehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo revealed that his most expensive suit costed him more than Ksh.800,000.

His suits are carefully made in Italy and shipped to Africa specifically in Kenya

“I have Canali.Massimo Dutti and Massimo Bossi suits. The most expensive in my closet goes for Ksh800, 000, and they are many. That is a gift I bought my self .If I dress in that suit and go for a meeting, believe you me I am going to strike that deal.If I stand in front of you in that suit, I am more confident to challenge any question you would ask me”.

6.James Orengo – 0.5 Million – Brioni

The cost of James Orengo’s suits was brought to light by Miguna Miguna who revealed that he was spending so much on his suits .

The news were made public though his famous book dubbed ‘Peeling Back the Mask’

8.Francis Atwoli

Even though he has not publicly declared the cost of his suits, we know it is way above the million mark.

Atwoli’s watch only costs about Ksh.5 million!

“Somebody was saying that this watch is worth $20,000. That is about Sh2 million. That is not the price of my watch. This is a Franck Muller. My watch is pure gold and cost me more than Sh5 million. I paid the money in instalments,” revealed Atwoli.

9.Ali Hassan Joho

Joho has so many little and small but very expensive around his life

He owns sneakers worth Ksh. 92,000 while his taste of suits is also something to admire.

10.Mike Sonko

Sonko in 2019 launched an all round golden boardroom.

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And when it comes to fashion, especially his clothes, Sonko does not have time to save money!

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