10 Kenyan Male Celebs Who Have A Problem With Finding A Wife

If we only focus on these 10 celebs while discussing the mantra, behind every successful man, there is a woman, we might be forgiven if we do not agree.

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These top Kenyan men, despite massive wealth, glory and fame they still miss one more important thing of all.

They are not yet married, neither are they in a public relationship

Let’s take a walk with them

Larry Madowo

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Former NTV top anchor is not yet married at the age of 30 years old.

For many Kenyans, he has achieved so much many would have wished at that age!

He needs to wed a lady and start of a family alongside his career at BBC

Maina Kageni

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He is currently at 46 years old .

He is one of the radio artists who take home every month a salry close to 1 million Kenyan shillings

But he is not married

Victor Wanyama

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At 27 years old. Wanyama is the highest paid Kenyan with a salary of more than 32 million shillings per month.

What is shocking is the fact that Wanyama is not married!

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge

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The man at the centre of power and money, Central Bank Of Kenya governor  is not yet married.

How can we trust him with the country’s money if the guy cannot keep a marriage vows held together.

He is infact aging, now 58 years old!


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Radio comedian has 5 posh cars all costing alteast more than 10 million each.

Besides he has a vast of wealth he has already invested.

Would you believe he does not have a wife!

Shaffie Weru

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Just like his fellow Maina Kageni, Shaffie pockets a good salary.

But he does not have a wife. Brothers in bachelorhood!

Eddie Gathengi

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Kenyan Hollywood star, also is still single.

With all his looks and handsome nature seemingly going for waste, the man should a wife to weather those moments

Divock Origi

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Kenyan born Liverpool striker Origi is having life at the helm of his hands.

The young man needs to get married and start life as early as possible

Willy Paul

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At 25 years old, he is not yet married and that looks like a cliche or another song release from Willy Paul.

He needs to follow after his little brother in Christ Bahati

Dr Ofweneke

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Nigerian comedian based in Kenya Dr. Ofweneke is not married and has been battling to find another catch after partying ways with his ex Nicah the Queen


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