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10 Kenyan Male Celebs Who Moved Into Wives’ Houses After Engagement

In Kenyan culture and marriage practices, a man takes in a woman as a wife or lover after proposal. The woman leaves her home and settles down with her new man after a dowry token has been paid.

The idea since our ancestors time where life in marriage began with a man putting up a simba with own hands, is still live today.

But a new trend has already been up and celebs are neither off the hook.

Men of today are shockingly moving on into their lovers homes and house without a single sense of shame.

Literary they seem to have been ‘married’ to the woman rather than marrying the woman.

Here are celebs we can count on are part of this shameless rackets.

1.Nelly Oaks

Akothee’s manager moved into her mansion house in Mombasa where he has been taken in more less than a care-giver rather than a husband.

Nelly basically would be fit as a ‘call boy for singer Akothee who looks more less older than his experience in marriage.

2.Otile Brown

Another man who is embarrassing married men is non other than Otile Brown who seems to have moved into Vera’s house in Nairobi.

Initially Otile lived in Mombasa but relocated to Vera’s house in Nairobi where they have been on and off the hook of marriage

3.Jared Nevaton

Tanzanian businessman had to bury his ego due to love. Marrying Lilian Muli, a lady with money, cars and huge citadel houses is no joke.

While in Nairobi, he largely spent his nights on the bed of Lilian Muli

4.Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

Joseph Irungu had literary no house in Kenya or anywhere else in the world except his parents house.

A man ladies say lived in a ‘hired’ car or would sleep in lodgings until he lands a new girlfriend who has a house.

Marrying Maribe was a jackpot since he had been assured of a shelter over his head and dating late Monica Kimani was a sure bet that even when he missed to catch Maribe’s bed, he will be under Monica’s care

5.Gilgil MP ‘s husband

Peter Karanja was kicked out of Martha Wangari’s home in Nakuru county.

The female Gilgil MP kicked him out after divorce saying that the man had been reduced to a parasite despite dating several young ladies

6.Millie Odhiambo’s Zimbabwean Hubby

Her man Mr.Mabona would stay in her house while in Kenya.

Millie being a politician would want to host ‘everything’ including a man

7.Wavinya Ndeti’s late hubby

Wavinya Ndeti who was dating a Nigerian man, lived in her home before he met his death.

As it is a norm, most of female celebs who decide to settle in Kenya with their hubbys opt for their own homes.

Wavinya preferred to live in Kenya for own political reasons

8.Rachel Shebesh’s man Frank Ambundo

Former Nairobi women rep’s man Frank Ambundo had a home in Khwisero in Kakamega county but Shebesh rarely lived in that home.

They would largely spent time at Shebesh mansion in Nairobi

9.Nyota Ndogo’s White man

Coast based singer Nyota Ndogo married a white man whom they largely lived together at her home in Mombasa city.

Later they would move away to Europe.

10.Akothee’s baby daddies

Even though she lives with Nelly Oaks as current hubby at her deluxe mansion, she largely lived their with her other previous lovers.

And two of the white men who are dads of her light skinned daughter definitely lived their before partying ways




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