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10 Kenyan Male Celebs Who Use Makeups

If you thought only Kenyan female celebs were fanatics of makeup, you haven’t met these 10 celebs.

They highly depend on makeup.

Their no makeup photos would serve good while contrasted against the fashioned up photos.

Jeff Koinange

Loves using hair gel and other times apply facial makeup to look fancy on TV

Dennis Okari

Almost anyone who comes close to your TV screens regularly, uses a makeup so as they don’t look aging.

And NTV host Okari is no doubt a member.

Willy Paul

Ever came close to Willy Paul’s no makeup selfie, his face looks like he has been ran on by a caterpillar or an tunker.

But in his songs, he looks more of light skin, that is after his foundation has worked on well

Papa Jones

Despite being accused of skin lightening aka bleaching, most of his songs his skin looks to have been applied on by foundation make up, so as to look like ‘Eminem’

Nick Mutuma

Being an actor, and fashion fanatic, make up is his daily bread, sometimes grappling for mirror time with his wife

Kevin Owiti- Mr. Kenya 2016

Sauti Sol


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