10 Kenya’s Most Curvaceous Radio Hosts

For long time, Kenya’s TV stations has favored most of the women who know how to diet, take gym and slim to the required TV figure.

While, Radio Stations in Kenya seemed to have been a landing ground of those with great voices but could not land TV roles due to their body sizes.

A close look at the two categories, reveals that Kenyan radio stations are dominated by chubby and plus size female hosts while TV stations are graced by slim and slander sexy figures

Well, have a look at Kenya’s top most plus size radio hosts

1.Mwende Macharia

2.Masawe Japanni

3.Linda Nyangweso

4.Kalekye Mumo

5.Kamene Goro

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6.Nzula Makaso – Milele FM

7.Neomi Nganga

8.Grace Msalame

9.Getrude Mungai

10. Terry Muikamba

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