7 Male Celebs With ‘Girls’ Make-Up Minds

There is an African saying that men do not cry, and if they cry, their tears flow back into their hearts.

But we have seen several men cry because of happiness and pain, in the same vein, we have seen men cross wordrobes of ladies.

The world is changing so fast. It cannot even give you room to stand and watch!

So here are 7 celebs who have dressed up and looked into the world of ladies for once or for some completely.

1.Erick Omondi

The comedian has been on loose in ladish clothes, not once or twice. But he does everything out of comedy mind. But does he take it better?


Like Erick Omondi, the comedian has never been tired of ladies make up. Doing it over and over. He depends on comedy for his life. We may excuse him



Binyavanga Wainaina has been a well published and celebrated writer. He has been a transgender activist. He has appeared on TED Tex, taking about sex and gender rights. And Of course drunk his own word of mouth

Related image


Changed his name from Andrew Mbugua to Audrew Mbugua, and so was his gender. Male to Female.

She now looks like a copy of a girl.

Image result for andrew to audrey mbugua


The radio presenter must have been in his odd mind when he did such a photo. He never looked so before. But he looks ugly


Not many men have seen the real face of this man, he looks like Shaniqua of KTN’s show Jameni.

But here is his real face. Has has tried to hide so much of his real manly face

7Jackson Irungu

Another man who went viral when he decided to take along process to transform  from a Man to a Lady.

He is now a she.

Image result for andrew to audrey mbugua


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