10 Most Common Cravings In Pregnant Women

Ice cream and pickles are the foods that are most associated with pregnancy cravings.

Normally most cravings are harmless, but if you suddenly feel the imperative need to eat inedible things like laundry soap, chalk or mud it is important to avoid it and tell the doctor as soon as possible.

This condition is called pica and can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby. 

Some of the foods most commonly appearing to pregnant women are:


Pregnant women love to eat ice. It has been associated with anemia, since it can be highlighted inflammation of the mouth and tongue, two symptoms associated with anemia.


Its bitter-sour taste can highlight the nausea of ​​some women. It is said that women need to eat many pickles are low in sodium, although there is no scientific evidence to corroborate this theory.


Chocolate is also one of the preferred foods for pregnant women.

Ice creams

The freshness, soft texture and variety of flavors of ice cream makes this one of the cravings preferred by pregnant women.


Brie, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses are preferred by pregnant women.


They help to improve digestive discomfort.


They are foods with a lot of salt and calories, so you have to not abuse them.


In addition to being healthy and allowing you to maintain controlled weight, they are fresh and refreshing so they can be very appetizing food in pregnancy.

Spicy foods

Although in early pregnancy many scents and tastes can cause nausea, at the end of pregnancy some women may feel special predilection for spicy foods and many spices such as curry.


It is not uncommon to see a pregnant woman eat a whole lemon or add her juice to the water.

During pregnancy, the taste buds of the pregnant woman change in many cases the contrast with very acid or very spicy food can be very appetizing.

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