10 Octogenarian Celebs Who Still Glow On Local TV Drama

At an old age, the old are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying their hard earned money. However these old chaps are still lighting up our screens with homour and pomp.

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So here are some of the 8 oldest celebs, both male and women who still take alot of their old age time just to entertain most of the young generation.

Needless to say they are just on top of any game they do, we love watching them every moment they are before our screens.

  • Vioja Mahamani actors

This KBC TV drama largely features aged celebs because they have never stepped down since they came up with their idea from their boyhood. And they still rock even in their old age

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  • Mzee Ojwang

Passed away while he was still acting, many Kenyans miss him so much despite his sudden demise from the world and the screens

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  • George Clooney

George is well versed with foreign movies . But he is a Kenyan born actor. Despite his old age, George is still glittering in the movies industry

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  • Manoj Sood

He is a well established Kenyan international actor, Sood has been featured in several foreign films which are also widely folowed by Kenyans. He hails in Mombasa

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