10 Octogenarian Celebs Who Still Glow On Local TV Drama

At an old age, the old are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying their hard earned money. However these old chaps are still lighting up our screens with homour and pomp.

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So here are some of the 8 oldest celebs, both male and women who still take alot of their old age time just to entertain most of the young generation.

Needless to say they are just on top of any game they do, we love watching them every moment they are before our screens.

  • Mzee Kobe

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Features on Machachari, old enough to be in his 80s, but his presence in Machachari adds humour and naturaliness in the kids drama. He is just on top of the game

  • Mother In Law

So strong is the mother in law that the show looks null and void without her, clearly the show revolves around her theatrics.

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  • ‘Father in law’

The old man in the Mother in law series has led a quite life outside the drama series, but his big role on TV cannot be ignored, stealing the hearts of many old aged chaps to watch the show

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  • Lucy Wangui

Lucy has been well featured on Vioja Mahakamani, and which she still has enough power and strengths to make people laugh. She is such a strong shosho

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  • Tahidi high principal

Despite his old age, Mr. Tembo is such an old chap and a no nonsense actor on Tahidi High series.


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